{FREE} "What's Your Style Dilemma?" Quiz + "Unravel Your Style" Workbook

Today’s post title is not my most clever work, but this is an instance where the content makes up for my lack of creativity!

I’m so excited to share two free resources I’ve created for y’all: the “What’s Your Style Dilemma?” quiz and the “Unravel Your Style” workbook (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m powerless to resist a fashion pun!).

Technically, you could say this is one resource, because the quiz and workbook are designed to be used together. However, I did make sure they would each be useful on their own!

Today’s post is to explain a bit about the “why” behind both resources, as well as give you a sneak peak into the workbook (which you can’t find anywhere else!).


I’ll start with the quiz—I think we can all agree that quizzes are super fun. (Why else would I have taken so many Buzzfeed quizzes about what flavor of LaCroix I am?) Quizzes are also great for moving you from overwhelm to clarity: they take a big problem/ask/question and narrow you down to a specific starting point.

There are a lot of “What’s Your Style?”-type quizzes out there, but (while they can be entertaining) I don’t find these very useful. OK, so my style is “rustic bohemian”...what does that actually mean?

I designed my “What’s Your Style Dilemma?” quiz to help you figure out why getting dressed is difficult for you. I think we’ve all had days where we’re standing in front of our closets, feeling frustrated and like we have nothing to wear, but the “why” is different for different people.

You may have a closet full of things that no longer fit or that don’t make you excited to get dressed. You may know what you like, but you don’t know how to shop for it, so your style isn’t reflected in your wardrobe. Maybe your physical closet is a literal mess, and that mess leaves you feeling anxious and unsure of what’s even in there.

Getting dressed is such a personal process that no one answer works for everyone. My goal with this quiz was to help you get a little clearer on what part of the process has you stuck.

This information is helpful, but I didn’t want to leave you without something actionable that allows you to dig a little deeper: this is where the workbook comes in!

workbook cover.jpg

My “Unravel Your Style” workbook is divided into sections that correspond to each quiz answer. Within each section, there are questions, prompts, a “Tips & Tricks” page, and information on additional resources.

You can complete the workbook online, or if you’re old school like me you can print it out and write in your answers. Complete one section, complete them all...this workbook is for you, so I want you to take what works for you and leave the rest.

personal style.jpg

The questions and prompts in each section are designed to help you dig deep while holding space for you along the way. Thinking about the topics of fashion and bodies can bring up a lot, and it’s important to me to acknowledge that in this workbook.

The “Tips & Tricks” pages give valuable information on everything from defining your personal style to shopping for vintage clothing. (My workbook also includes a guide to plus-size vintage shopping!) These pages give you advice you can use right now to help make getting dressed easier.

tips and tricks.jpg

Sadly, technology doesn’t yet allow for me to zoom around the world at lightspeed and help everyone who needs to get dressed. My goal with these resources is to help you zero in on why getting dressed is difficult for you right now and then offer concrete advice and actionable steps to make a change.

You can find the quiz on the homepage of my website (click right here!), and you’ll be prompted to enter your email so I can send the workbook to you. (Don’t worry, my emails are few and far between.)

Drop me a line via my contact form to let me know what you think, and I so hope y’all enjoy—

With love and red lipstick,


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